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Malachite Macrame Pendant

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Small Malachite pendant. This is a peptite sized pendant, perfect for those who love crystal jewellery but not overly large pieces.

Malachite is the stone of "safeguard". It protects all travellers including those on astral or metaphysical paths. A good talisman stone for protection of children. Some say this stone has the ability to warn of imminent danger. Associated with the heart chakra  and helps to balance emotions. To be cleansed regularly.

The name Malachite derives from Greek Molochitis lithos, meaning mellow green stone. The mineral has been mined for copper for over 3000 years . Until the 1800's malachite had been used as a pigment for green paints. It is a commonly carved stone for figurines and jewellery.

Very commonly found with azurite.

Category: Carbonate mineral

Crystal sysytem: Monoclinic

Hardness on Mohs scale: 3.5 - 4