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Rainbow Fluorite Polished Freeform 151 gm

Rainbow Fluorite Polished Freeform 151 gm

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Stunning Fluorite faceted free form. Polished sides in a free form geometric shape.

This piece is approx 7.5cm long x 3cm high and 4.5cm deep.

Fluorite is the stone of efficiency and order. Due to its highly organised structure, fluorite imparts balance, symmetry, order and progress. It promotes intelligent choices and intuitive decisions. Clear and purple stones relate to the third eye chakra, blue stones to heart and green stones to all chakras.

The name fluorite derives from the latin word fluo, referring a stream or flow of water. The mineral has many ornamental lapidary uses and is popular with collectors as it is often called the most colourful mineral in the world.

Category: Calcium Fluoride

Crystal System: Cubic

Hardness ( MOHS SCALE) : 4